Find peace of mind in independent living with medical alert.

Personal Emergency Response and Medical Alert Systems support independent lifestyles by providing the social, emotional, and financial benefits of being at home safely. Knowing that your loved ones are safe and secure shouldn’t be a constant worry. Our products and monitoring services are designed to let loved ones live comfortably at home with a level of safety and security that give their families peace of mind.
medical alert

Cornerstone Tech works with you for the best medical alert solution.

We listen to your concerns and goals in independent living and provide you with a customized solution that fits your needs and budget. Personal Emergency Response Plans are tailored to your needs and can include two-way alert systems with 24-hour monitoring, medical reminders, inactivity monitoring, MEDILOK Lockboxes, and monitored smoke detectors. Our dedicated professionals ensure the safety of your loved ones from a distance, so they can continue to enjoy life free from intrusive technology or the stress of having a live-in caretaker.

Our equipment is top quality to maximize safety.

When it comes to emergency services, the products that you count on cannot fail. We provide top-qualirt equipment that is easy and convenient to use such as pendants that can be worn as a wristband or necklace. Our two-way communication devices have high-volume settings and high-sensitivity microphones, and come with comprehensive anti-failure protection features. Using wearable, remote transmitters we provide emergency call initiation and pick-up of incoming calls.

Leased equipment is off your hands when no longer needed.

Don’t get stuck with outdated equipment. Our equipment leases require a one-time activation fee and a low monthly monitoring fee. When you are no longer in need of the medical alert equipment, you simply return it to us.


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