Aerial Drones Get a Bird's Eye View of Your Property

FAA Compliant Drone Operation Brings Cutting-Edge Aerial Photography To Your Business.

Get the word out about your business with custom aerial photography and footage that sets you apart. Our services include live streaming for you to watch safely on the ground, which also gives you the ability to direct the shots to the exact images and aerial footage you want. Cornerstone Tech has demonstrated the drone proficiency required to secure FAA authorization for commercial drone use, and we are registered with the FAA as local drone for commercial purposes providers.

Applications Range Widely So Let’s Get Creative Together.

With over 10,000 drone planning hours logged and over 6,000 operation hours, Cornerstone Tech is capable of handling both the technical and creative aspects of your aerial photography and footage needs. We offer different pricing, such as hourly or by event, to give you the flexibility to find the right fit for your project. We offer reproductions delivered in varied formats, from large prints to digital footage. Some of our customers’ applications of aerial drone photography include:

  • Real Estate – aerial stills and footage make an emotional impact
  • Manufacturing Facility – use stills and footage to view the overall infrastructure
  • Farming – crop inspections across large spaces
  • Staff Photos – Include the whole team and the facilities in your staff photo

Aerial Live Stream Video Gives First Responders An Advantage That Can Save Lives.

Cornerstone Tech offers drone support to local first responders for search and rescue operations. With the proper warrant, police benefit from professional FAA registered drone support to promote safe and efficient operations. We can fly over fires to give the Fire Department critical information about hot spots and site safety. We can adjust the aperture while the drone is in flight, giving us the information that can save lives in real time.

We Emphasize FAA Compliance For Safe And Efficient Drone Applications.

As drone technology becomes more accessible publicly for commercial applications the FAA has applied regulations that will evolve along with usage. Cornerstone Tech operates in compliance with the FAA and stays current on regulations in order to offer our customers the best possible experience.

Click Here to see our FAA Compliance letter.

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